How to Start Homeschooling

You are probably feeling extremely excited or very anxious about your decision to start homeschooling or both!

You may have doubts, concerns and questions and feel a bit unsure of the road ahead.

You feel as if you are venturing into a hazy future….taking a giant leap into the unknown…

starting homeschooling skydiver

Parenting is a tough job and it’s often quite daunting. This critical life-shaping responsibility is given to us while we are still inexperienced.

You feel like an amateur… You are an amateur!

Starting homeschooling is no different.  There is much to learn on-the-job!

But you can educate and empower yourself to succeed and avoid the traps that ensnare so many unwary parents.

You need to be well-informed about issues such as

  • the legalities of homeschooling
  • registering with the Department of Basic Education or not
  • finding a curriculum and customising your child’s education
  • sport and socialisation
  • matric and alternatives
  • how to assess your children’s progress
  • coping with babies, toddlers and younger children
  • juggling housework and earning an income while you homeschool
  • encouraging reluctant learners
  • helping children with special needs
  • dealing with sceptical friends and family members, especially grandparents
  • getting accepted to college and universities

Most of all, for the rest of this journey, you will be worrying, as all home educating parents do:

“Am I doing enough?”

“Are my children perhaps missing out on something?”

“Will my children be successful in life?”

These questions and concerns don’t ever go away. You have to learn how to handle them.
You need someone with experience to give you the guidance and reassurance that you need, based on:

  • years of experience educating her own family of 6 children
  • years of advising and supporting other homeschooling families and
  • years of reading, reviewing research, and advocacy for home education in South Africa

Veteran homeschooler and consultant, Shirley Erwee offers personal homeschool support via weekly live online webinars.

Starting Homeschool is a six week webinar series for beginner homeschooling parents – to give you the answers, info and confidence you need. Register today.

Homeschooling High School is a six week webinar series focusing on the options for high school homeschoolers. Register here

5-vital-lessonsWant to test out the webinar experience first?

You can view the recording of  5 Vital Lessons for Every Homeschooler in which Shirley shares with you some of the things she has learned in almost 20 years of homeschooling six children –  5 things that could make a critical difference to your homeschooling experience.