Customer Comments

These are some of the customer comments from homeschoolers who have viewed the webinars:

Dear Shirley,

Making a decision to homeschool one’s children is an enormously daunting process – not unlike deciding to climb Everest (in our minds anyway). And then when you begin considering the different curricula and homeschooling styles it feels as though you’ve only just made it to Base Camp. Doubt and panic set in! Fortunately we came across your webinar. Without being flashy or imperious, it’s the most practical and pragmatic advice we’ve received – perfect “base camp” preparation. The panic and confusion has subsided, and that initial excitement is back. We’ve been able to acquire some of the tools you suggested and have added some of our own “plug ’n play” elements. And I know we’ll be consulting your guidelines regularly.

We highly recommend your webinar on choosing a curriculum in the South African context. We agree – it’s important that while our children receive a world-class education, they also learn to appreciate, preserve and celebrate their South African heritage.

Wishing you much success in future.
With thanks

Tracy & Mark Beckman
Somerset West

“Thanks for an awesome webinar on Monday night! A lot of what you said were fundamental reminders of what I believe deep in my heart, but you just seemed to name it and word it in such a way that it all made perfect sense. You’ve inspired me to relax more and see the bigger picture better, and I could feel how our school day yesterday just feel more peaceful and calm. I could thoroughly relate to what you said about always comparing with others and never feeling as if you measure up. Your talk helped me realise how futile that is.” ~ Wilma


“Thank you so much for the great webinar last night. It was informative, well delivered and encouraging for anyone on the homeschooling journey.” ~ Philaine