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We homeschooling parents cannot help questioning our decisions as we try to do the ‘right’ thing?

We’re plagued with worries about how well our children will turn out.

And we wonder what our kids are missing and if they will be successful in life.

How much would it help you to know if the choices you have already made, and will make in future, are good enough?

How much would it help if you knew what to focus on now and what to forget about until the end of high school?

How much would it help if you could learn to trust yourself and your kids to succeed?

The free webinar, 5 VITAL LESSONS FOR EVERY HOMESCHOOLER, focused on lessons I’ve learned in almost 20 years of homeschooling. Some of them are lessons learned the hard way! I’d like to spare you that! It also addressed the common worries that plague all of us homeschooling parents!

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skydiver-iconIn the six part webinar series, Starting Homeschooling, we discussed in greater detail many of the issues confronting new and inexperienced homeschoolers….and even those of us who’ve been at it quite a while!

The 6 part webinar series for  Starting Homeschooling will give you critical information to help you to crashproof your homeschooling journey.

It will give you the answers you need and build your confidence as you set out to educate, guide and shape your children to face their futures.

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Webinar Feedback from Other Homeschoolers

Thanks for an awesome webinar on Monday night!  A lot of what you said were fundamental reminders of what I believe deep in my heart, but you just seemed to name it and word it in such a way that it all made perfect sense.  You’ve inspired me to relax more and see the bigger picture better, and I could feel how our school day yesterday just feel more peaceful and calm.  I could thoroughly relate to what you said about always comparing with others and never feeling as if you measure up.  Your talk helped me realise how futile that is.  I’m looking forward to your other webinars.  I just wanted to thank you for taking the time and effort to help other home school moms such as me.  May you be blessed abundantly. ~ Wilma

Hi Shirley

Just wanted to say I really found your webinar on 5  Vital Lessons for Homeschooling very helpful. I already registered for your next webinars and am looking forward to it.

I am taking my youngest daughter ( 8 years) out of school at the end of this year. After reading your book and doing some research on my own I am feeling very positive and excited about next year.  My biggest concern was that I am not academic enough and suitable to teach my own children. But after realizing I am not the only mom feeling like this I am starting to feel a lot more confident.

Thank you for the great support you give to new homeschoolers.

Kind regards

Last night’s webinar was amazing! I thought I sort of knew enough by now, but you pointed out a few things I still needed to hear.  ~ Tasmin

 Thank you so much for the great webinar last night. It was informative, well delivered and encouraging for anyone on the homeschooling journey.

I look forward to being part of future webinars for homeschooling high school.

Kind regards

Hi Shirley

Absolutely loved your webinar tonight. We are beginners….the Lord laid homeschooling on my heart a few years ago, the idea made total sense to me. But I sent my daughter to school….this year the feeling just fired up again. I have spent most of this year doing my research and my daughter had her last day of school last Wednesday! We are all very excited. She is in grade 2.  I also haven’t felt the need to rush out and buy a curriculum which you confirmed too…

Just want to say awesome job done. You certainly helped me.

Kind regards

Thank you so much for the opportunity to join the free Webinar on Monday night. It confirmed and echoed many of the things I have felt in my heart about “learning, growing and teaching”. In so many ways Jesus sets us free from the way the world believes and “does”. The process of unlearning what we have been conditioned to believe has been such a freeing journey for us as a family. Questioning everything by “but is this what the bible says we should do?” or what the Holy Spirit gives as guidance, has become a new ruler by which to measure whether we are still in God’s will. In this way we do not need to conform to the way of the world any more. ~ Maria

Thank you Shirley,

For your response to the technical issues, but more importantly, for the work you are doing in assisting those of us entering the wilderness of home based parental education. Looking forward to your webinars and probable interaction in the future. ~ David