GED+SAT Webinar

GED Webinar
Enrol FreeThe GED® is an American grade 12 equivalency credential which is  officially recognised and accepted by institutions in South Africa as a foreign matric equivalent.

It is a popular solution for homeschoolers and adults who need to get a matric equivalent outside of the school system.

Its fast, affordable, flexible and low stress!

For university application purposes, a letter of foreign conditional exemption may be issued to students who achieve their GED® credential plus either one of the following two requirements:

  1. a letter of acceptance from a university in the USA
  2. a SAT with the required score.

The GED® webinar will tell you all this and more:

  • What is the GED®?
  • How do we prepare for the GED®?
  • Where are the GED® test centres in South Africa?
  • What does the GED® cost? [much less than other matric options!]
  • Where do we write the GED® tests in South Africa?
  • How do we book the tests?
  • How do we order a hard copy of the diploma?
  • GED® success stories and testimonies

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What about the SAT?

The SAT is a test used to measure a university ‘readiness’. It is widely used in the USA and is internationally recognised.

The webinar will also focus on how to prepare for the SAT.

  • How to find the test dates
  • How to book the tests
  • How to order a paper copy of your results.
  • How to submit your GED and SAT to the appropriate bodies in South Africa in order to have an equivalency certificate issued.
  • Inspiring success stories about real homeschoolers who have written the GED (+ SAT)

Save yourself hours of time searching the internet to find the relevant information. Its all been done for you and presented in a 1 hour webinar. You can download it instantly and watch it at your convenience.

August 2017 – The SAT webinar is in the process of being updated as information about the SAT has changed. In March 2016 the new SAT test was introduced.

All past and present clients will receive a notification with a link to the updated version as soon as it is available.

For up to date information, please visit for more information about the online GED® prep.