6 Webinars to Get Started Homeschooling


Save yourself from the disastrous experiments of homeschooling by learning from the mistakes of those who have been there and done it before you.

Starting homeschooling is both exciting and terrifying, but you can do it!

Maybe you aren’t sure about your decision yet. You need more information.

Maybe you have decided to go for it! You know in your heart that this is a better option than the school system and perhaps you have read some of the convincing research results and glowing success stories  …but behind each story, there were days and years of slog, not really knowing for sure what the outcome would be.

road-coneHow do you get through the ups and downs of the journey that lies ahead?

How do you learn on the job, without making costly mistakes?

You need to be sure that you are following a plan that is a good fit for your unique family.

How do you do that?

And things don’t always pan out the way they did in your homeschooling dreams. You discover that some of the issues you have to face are neither fun nor straightforward and there is no one else to do it and no one else to blame if things aren’t working too well!

Homeschooling your children is not for the faint-hearted. Often, you will be plagued with criticism from sceptics and worst of all, by your own doubts. Doubts like these:

“Having a major melt-down moment today wondering if I am worthy of homeschooling my kids. How do I know I am not wasting my kids time and ruining their futures? Am I doing enough? Am I doing the right stuff for them to matriculate. Am I good enough to teach them? Feeling inadequate and freaking out…” [taken from a Facebook support group for homeschoolers, September 2015]

“OK, so since this is our safe place where we can be ruthlessly honest…. Does anybody else wake up in the middle of the night in a complete panic that you are failing your child by homeschooling? We do an eclectic approach, but with my daughter starting high school next year and her being an exceptionally bright child, I worry that she will get more out of a proper school environment. I always feel better once we get started on schoolwork the next morning, but the nagging thought is always there….. And I will NEVER admit this to anyone outside of this group, not even hubby!” [taken from a Facebook support group for homeschoolers, September 2015]

At times like that, you need to know that you are not alone. Every homeschooler has faced similar challenges.

By learning some priceless lessons before you get started, or early on in your journey, you could get a good foundation in place and set yourself up for a smoother, more enjoyable educational journey.

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  • Avoid the potholes and pitfalls that trip up so many new homeschooling families.
  • Avoid making expensive mistakes when buying learning materials.
  • Discover how to make homeschooling fun, flexible, effective and stress-free.
  • Learn how to cope with the challenges that you will inevitably encounter, without losing your sanity or your sense of humour!

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Critical Steps for Starting Homeschooling

6 Webinars with

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Below is some of the bad advice given to new homeschoolers:

  1. BAD ADVICE: Contact the Department of Basic Education and register your children for homeschooling.

Educational officials are administrators of the state school system. The large majority of them have very little knowledge of home education and even less understanding of the rights and responsibilities of parents with respect to their children’s education. Find out how and why educational officials might violate your children’s rights and hijack your home education experience and how to prevent this.

  1. BAD ADVICE: Buy a full-service curriculum package with text books for every subject.

No-curriculumYou might think that you don’t know what children must learn in each grade and that a curriculum package will provide everything you need. It might, but it might also derail your children’s learning and be an emotionally and financially expensive set-back. You need to learn more about how children learn and what options will maximise their learning experience.

  1. BAD ADVICE: Set up a learning area in your home

No-schoolMost new homeschoolers try to recreate their own classroom experience at home with their children as that’s their idea of schooling. They set aside a learning area and decorate it to look like a school classroom. Learn why this is a waste of time, energy and money and where your focus should be instead. Discover why replicating school at home is usually a disaster.

  1. BAD ADVICE: Start at once so your children won’t get left ‘behind’.

Find out why homeschoolers can never be ‘behind’ and why it is critical not to start formal learning activities straight-away. Learn what both you and your children should be doing instead, when you first start homeschooling.

…and the list of bad advice goes on.

You need to crashproof your homeschooling journey!

Critical Steps for Starting Homeschooling


Invest in Your Family’s Educational Adventure

By investing an hour or two a week you will grow in knowledge and confidence and you will be equipped to make good, sensible, informed choices for your family as you continue on your homeschooling adventure.

You won’t have to waste the thousands of hours worrying, stressing and learning by trial and error as other families have had to do. You won’t have to spend hours surfing the net to find resources, or test out expensive curricula, only to discard them as they don’t suit your needs.
Your partner can join you watching and find answers and solutions too!

This webinar course will give you accurate advice and tips to avoid costly, stressful mistakes that could potentially ruin your homeschooling experience. It will help you make the necessary mindshift to implement home education easily and successfully with your family.

Critical Steps for Starting Homeschooling provides the basics you need to get started on the right track!
We will focus on topics such as

  • Common Mistakes and Answers to Frequently Asked Questions
  • School versus Home Education
  • Deschooling – unlearning our own conditioning about how children learn
  • Ways of Learning – a look at how learning works in the homeschool scenario
  • Setting Goals and Choosing Curriculum
  • Legal issues
  • …and more.

You will need: a computer or tablet with speakers or earphones.

Click here to go to the Teachable platform where you can enrol to access the webinar. You will need to create a user account there first – that’s free. You can either view the webinar online or download it and watch it at your convenience.


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