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Schooling is not the Secret to Success

Homeschooling parents are almost paranoid about ensuring that their children get a good academic education. If you hang out on any homeschool support group, almost daily you will see parents asking which is the ‘best curriculum’ for maths or science or reading or you-name-it.

Then the questions come thick and fast about how to get a recognised matric certificate or equivalent, as if this is the magic key that will open the door to success in adulthood.

It’s a paradigm most of us have been conditioned to believe during our own schooling. Parents and teachers told us we had to have a matric or we wouldn’t amount to much.

It’s a lie. Read more…


Parents Don’t Have to be Teachers for Children Learn at Home

Refuting the opinions of academics saying that parents can’t teach, this article focuses on the arguments and evidence to that prove they can.



Riaan-cardsEntrepreneurs in the School of Real Life

When a skill like maths, writing or typing is needed for a real situation, there is a real reason to develop it.

Discover how pursuing an entrepreneurial venture will give your children a REAL opportunity to develop a range of different skills, which they will be able to use throughout their lives.


teach kids money skillsHow to Teach Kids Money Skills

In the economy of the 21st Century, it is vital to equip our kids with business and financial skills before they leave home. Too many of us had to learn the hard way as adults. Get the tools you need to do it effectively.



gymnastics200x200Re-evaluating Homeschool Sport

A big picture perspective of the cost of extra-murals: you are not just paying for healthy exercise or cultural activities. Homeschool sport offers so much more.



living-books-versus-twaddleLiving Books versus Twaddle

Discover the importance of using living books to promote learning instead of twaddle, which usually bores children. What are living books? Read more to find out.



homeschooling 010Family – The Place to Learn

Schools are a very recent phenomenon in modern societies and researchers are still studying how children learn there and the problems they encounter in the school system…but studying children in schools, is like learning about whales in an aquarium.



dutch-jon-jonWhat is a Lapbook?

Break free from the monotony of text books and work books and discover how lapbooks are a fun and creative way to motivate kids to learn.



starting homeschooling

Starting Homeschooling – Even at High School Level

If you have reached a point where you know without a doubt that the school system is NOT working well for your child, then its time to go off the beaten path and hack your own way forward for him.



bike-n-trike-thumbnailUnschooling Success Stories

A description of unschooling or self-directed learning and how young adults in South Africa have succeeded after following this form of education at home.



what to do before the GED®What to Do Before the GED®

If your child is younger than 16 but planning to do the GED® at age 17, then here are some suggestions and recommendations to help you prepare from ages 12-15.


fairlady-cover-square20 Years of Homeschooling

A magazine article about homeschooling was the catalyst that changed my life and started my ‘career’ in home education.



refuting-thumbnailRefuting the So-called Cons of Homeschooling

This article refuting the so-called cons of homeschooling challenges journalists who seem to misrepresent aspects of home education to do better research! These are also the answers you need for homeschool skeptics – friends and family members who question your choice.


family-thumbNew Homeschooling Parents’ Biggest Worries

Answers to the questions and concerns that plague new homeschooling parents. We’ve all had to find these answers.
Will I cope? Should I register? What about babies and toddlers? How do I choose a curriculum? Can I work and homeschool? etc.


stop-the-bela-billBELA Bill Info and Summary

Information about the draft BELA Bill and how it will affect home education. Guidelines for writing letters of objection and a list of media reports published on this topic by home educators and the mainstream media.


Answers to a Concerned Grandmother of a Homeschooler

Grandparents are often skeptical about homeschooling and very concerned about their grandchildren’s education. Read the answers to an email from this worried granny.



starting homeschooling grades 1-3Recommended curricula for a good start to home education:

Grade 1-3

Grades 4-7

Grades 8-9