Thoughts on the BELA Bill from the Heart of a Homeschool Mom


mother-and-daughter-2629795_960_720From the heart of a Homeschool mom….

Shared with permission from the author, Michelle Myburgh

I have been trying to wrap my head around the whole concept of the BELA bill and how it will implicate my rights as a mother, the lives of my children as well as that of friends and family who have kids going to mainstream schools. A lot of these family members and friends aren’t even aware of the proposed bill and how our education system is failing to really put the needs of our children and future generations FIRST! Since when should political views, control and money surpass the needs of proper education despite of WHO the “educators” are?

[Edit – Homeschoolers can learn more about how this proposed bill may afftect them at Getting to know BELA]

I am a mother of 3 beautiful children and we have been home educating them for the past 17 months. Although this is still a short time, we have seen such a great transformation in each one of them. At home, we get to learn at our own pace. Each child is different, and we know life is not a race neither is education. We get to take our time on certain subjects/problems not yet fully mastered and on the other hand we get thrive in others advancing to higher levels much faster. Not being restricted to one boxed curriculum, we get to use a wide range of curricula from all over the world. Using different methods, different tools and creating a love for learning. My kids love the freedom to move, to get their hands dirty and to learn from life too.

To say that home-schooling families do not want their children to mix and socialise with the broader society, could not be further from the truth. There is a much bigger divide in the public-school sector, where clicks are formed, bullying and teachers breaking them down. Have you taken the time to sit back and think how things have changed since you were in school? Back then, kids weren’t permanently medicated. The suicide rate of school going children was at a minimum if not unheard of…. Ask yourself why? The system is failing, it is failing our children.

Our children, socialize with all, no matter which age, colour or language. The truth is, our kids see friends in everyone. Our kids show the greatest form of compassion to the elderly, they are gentle and loving to kids younger than them, can keep up in well-rounded conversation with their peers as well as adults. Most of all, our kids can still be kids. I would like to invite you to come spend the afternoon with us, where we meet for weekly socials or exciting field trips. You will definitely be blown away 😊

They are not being molded by a system to jump through hoops and just obey orders. My kids get to enjoy quality education at home. They get to spread their wings and fly. As a family we encourage each other, we love, and we give thanks. My children know that it is okay to make mistakes because there are always important lessons to learn in the way we get back up and try again. My almost 5-year-old is creative, inquisitive, bold and takes risks without the fear of failing, why should I allow a system to take that away from her. Imagine what it would be like if we all still had those amazing characteristics!

Should the BELA Bill be passed unchanged it will violate my right as a person, as a mother, it will violate the right of my children to receive the BEST education they deserve. Home education is not a form of abuse to the system, but my God given right as a parent.

Being a Christian, it is my responsibility to teach my children Christian values, guiding them on a path with God and at home we get to enjoy God’s grace daily. I am preparing my kids for life by being involved, by guiding and teaching them. A mother is a child’s first teacher, it is she that taught her children to crawl, walk, talk and eat by themselves. She teaches them love and compassions. Our kids do NOT belong to the government nor the education system. They do not even belong to us, they belong to God. God has chosen each parent for each child, to love them, guide them and protect them. He has chosen us as parents to raise them according to His will. As a mom, this is my path and one I will not change.

I will not run, I will not fight, but I will let my voice be heard!

A little piece of my heart,
Michelle Myburgh

Call to Action from the Pestalozzi Trust, the homeschool legal defence association

Please read the information provided at Getting to Know BELA and then make a submission:

Choose a method to make a submission: 

  • Make a submission now, if you are used to making submissions to government or feel comfortable that you do not need help and have studied the amendment Bill please go ahead and make your submission right now. Send it to Adv Rudman at []. Bcc a copy to [], this will allow the Pestalozzi Trust to keep track of the submissions. AND/OR:
  • Wait for the Trust’s guidelines and info pack. Over the week-end  [of 4-5 November](Yes, we are working around the clock) the Trust will release an info pack and guidelines for writing a submission. This will give you all you need to make an informed initial submission on the Bill. This will be released onto the Pestalozzi Trust and BELA Bill Facebook pages as well as the tuisonderwys yahoo group. So please visit there. We will also send the guidelines and info pack to Trust members. AND/OR:
  • Make an anonymous submission. One of the major concessions we were able to negotiate is that the DBE will accept anonymous submissions if handled through a legal process developed by the Trust. Your details will be completely hidden from the DBE officials. This process will be managed by the Trust’s lawyers. To keep the administrative burden and costs as low as possible we will be asking you to use a pre-determined format. The details of the process and guidelines will be sent to you with the info pack.