What is a Lapbook?


ocean theme lapbook

A lapbook is a printable project pack consisting of a collection of mini-booklets, also known as lapbooks or file folder projects.

A mini-book project enables children to work with small bits of information at a time and this is not as overwhelming as having to write or create a project from scratch.

A lapbook maybe based on a story or on a theme e.g. penguins or a story such as The Story About Ping

They are great if you want something to show about what you have been learning and they get children to ‘work’ with the subject matter and soak it up in an effective, stress-free way.

Benefits of Lapbooks

  • Great for review and revision
  • Develop a multitude of skills e.g. following directions, reading and finding information, writing, narration, colouring, cutting, folding, creativity, fine motor skills, organisational skills
  • Children learn by doing
  • Children have fun
  • Multi-age learning
  • Children can work together, co-operatively
  • Compact and easy to store
  • A visible portfolio of work
  • Saves the parent time as the research and information on a topic is provided
  • Re-usable digital format – can reprint for younger siblings in future
  • Cost-effective

Where can I find them?

Lapbooks are usually purchased online in digital format (e-books) or you can make your own.


South African history lapbook – The Dutch at the Cape

For South Africans, Footprints On Our Land offers a series of lapbooks that focus on various aspects of South African History here.

For ages 4-10 years, I created a lapbook with a seashore theme for my own kids and yours, based on the story A House for a Hermit Crab by Eric Carle. You can find it here: Ocean Theme Lapbook



Here are some more sites where you can find lapbooks – some free and some for sale:



what is a lapbook?…and all over the internet


There are many other  fun and effective ways for children to be creative and enjoy learning WITHOUT boring text books and work books. At home, we have the freedom to experiment and find what works for OUR kids, so that homeschooling does not require a stressed out mom nagging kids who are reluctant and bored with their learning materials.



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