How to teach your kids money skills

teach kids money skillsDo you wonder how to teach your kids money skills for life?

Do you need a strategy?


Consider the following questions:

  • Is your children’s schooling equipping them to meet the challenges of earning a living?
  • In the business world, bankers and investors want your financial statements not your report card.
  • Your credit record is far more important than good grades, yet most high school graduates don’t even know what that is.
  • When do you measure the success of your education? At graduation or retirement?

As parents, we need to equip our children with skills to earn and manage money, to engage in business, as well as to save and invest effectively for their retirement years.

In adulthood, the consequences for mistakes and failures can be devastating. You need to give your children the opportunity to develop their financial skills and even learn from their mistakes, while they are safely under your care. Equip them to avoid learning by trial and error as adults, when they stakes are high.

So many children leave school and university with very little business savvy. They are forced to learn from the “school of hard knocks”.

So many old people are struggling in poverty at retirement age. They are forced to keep working or depend on their children, because their lack of financial planning has failed.

Don’t let your kids follow that painful path.

Teach your kids money skills now.

The Ka-Ching! Business Parenting Course gives you the tools and strategies you need to help your children develop good financial skills.

“We were so thrilled to discover that the Ka-Ching! Business Parenting course is available online. We invested in this programme in 2006 when our first two children were ages 8 and 6 and we have used the strategies we learned with all 6 of our children, ever since. We believe that financial skills are more essential than ever in the economy of the 21st Century.  Ka-Ching! will help your whole family to become money-wise and business-smart.” ~ Riaan and Shirley Erwee

Ka-Ching! offers a step-by-step approach for each age group. It helps you teach your children to

  • earn money, 
  • manage their money,
  • understand how to start a business and
  • find solutions to the many challenges that face all business owners ..and so much more!

It will develop their self-confidence, self-discipline and critical thinking skills, which are essential for success in life.

Ka-Ching! will give your children that edge that they need to be prepared and equipped for the financial realities of life when they leave home.

They will learn-by-doing and gain priceless experience, which they could never learn in a classroom, from the pages of a text book.

Most children will never learn to be financially savvy. Will yours?

In the Ka-Ching! Business Parenting course you will

  1. Use pocket money to teach money management skills
  2. Use business projects, crafted for each age group, to develop business skills.
  3. Develop communication skills and bonding within your family, as you hold business meetings to discuss and plan projects.
  4. Help your children develop character traits which are essential for success in life – honesty, integrity, perseverance, respect etc.
  5. Give your children opportunities to practice the leadership skills that they need to succeed in business.
  6. Enjoy a great list of resources that will enable your family to continue a life-long journey of learning about business and financial management.You can work through the step-by-step course online, at your own pace – and join the community of parents doing the same, to keep you inspired and motivated.

This is an amazing product to have in your parenting toolbox. It builds into your family relationships, while you help your kids build their business skills for life.


“After a couple of small money-making ventures as a youngster, I started two profitable businesses in my teens, one of which was acquired. The skills that I learned from Ka-Ching!, I still use today.” ~ Lucille Erwee (age 21)

ka-ching! teach kids money skills