Preschool Homeschooling Webinar

  • “What must I do with my 3 year old?”
  • “What curriculum do you recommend?”
  • “How do I ensure my child gets stimulated properly?”
  • “What about contact with other children?”

These are some of the many questions and concerns of parents of preschool-age children.

Join me, Shirley Erwee, a mother of 6 children for a one hour webinar focusing on little children and their learning.

Preschool Homeschooling – Do it Right!

  • preschool homeschooling webinarFind out what activities children need to be doing to stimulate their brains and to develop the skills they need for later learning.
  • Find out what is age-appropriate and what is not.
  • Discover two easy things you can do to develop reading and literacy skills.
  • Learn the best ways to help children have confidence in mathematics – for life.

… also find out what common mistakes to avoid – things that could hijack your children’s interest in learning…and more.

I learnt so much, not just with regards to teaching my 5 year old but my 7 year old as well.
New to homeschooling (6 months) and some days I’m petrified that I’m not teaching them the right stuff after your webinar I realized that it wasn’t what I was teaching but how I was going about it….which was normal sitting and drilling them to do it (exactly like a teacher in a classroom standing at a board and trying to explain it all)… You have opened my eyes and 2016 will be a year of playing, exploring, opening their minds to a completely different learning experience than what they had to endure before (yes mommies fault hehe).Looking forward to many more interesting webinars.
Already on your website and will definitely be buying your books and downloading the free printables and activities you provide (thanks for those tools as well).
~ Bianca

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